Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis and J’HAYBER are inextricably linked, developing an integrated project that ensures the best conditions for practising this sport and responding to the needs of every kind of player.

Our paddle tennis courts are all authorised and approved and comply with a series of quality standards related to safety, court drainage, durability, smooth surface and so on. Courts are available in 4 different versions: panoramic, premium, modular and cost.


The experience accumulated by J’HAYBER, plus the advice we receive from trusted paddle tennis professionals, has meant we have chosen the very best types of artificial grass to meet every kind of demand, providing the right kind of bounce, combining durability and quality with fibrillated or multifilament grass in a range of colours.

Plus, we convert and adapt walled paddle tennis courts to glass-sided ones and we make tennis courts into paddle tennis courts.

Technical features of our paddle tennis courts

We can install a range of features on your paddle tennis court, all of which are made either in Spain or the EU and come with a full manufacturer’s guarantee.

• Anti-injury nets
• Net tighteners separate from the main structure
• Single-level interiors
• No pillars at the entrance
• Structure adapted to use and environment


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