Sport Facilities

Every sport needs its own particular set of features. The surfaces and materials used must be suited to the players’ foot strike, the way the ball bounces, and so on. To achieve this, we believe it is essential to use the very latest innovations, so we choose brands at the top of their game for each type of surface and sport.

We work with all kinds of customers, such as sports clubs, private individuals, public facilities, communities, etc.


At J’HAYBER INSTALACIONES DEPORTIVAS we aim for top quality, always adapting to our customers’ technical and budgetary needs and using fully guaranteed artificial grass. We provide tailor-made solutions for sports clubs and public works projects.

Our facilities make for a comfortable game due to the soft, flexible synthetic fibres used.

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From its very early days, J’HAYBER has had very close links with tennis. This in-depth knowledge is now used to build and maintain tennis courts with all kinds of surfaces, including:
Artificial grass
• Carpet clay
• Clay
• Resin coated
• Cushioned

We always ensure they are suitable for all types of game and fit for purpose, whether they are for use by private individuals, sports clubs, the general public or communities.


One of our priorities is to combine court surface quality and durability with easy maintenance, so that the facility can be used in perfect conditions for as long as possible.

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Sports clubs, local councils and communities often need versatile facilities enabling a range of sports to be played in the same area.

J’HAYBER INSTALACIONES DEPORTIVAS offers a number of options to ensure compatibility between the technical needs of each sport. Volleyball, five-a-side football, tennis, handball, badminton and so on, can all share the same space in the best playing conditions in clubs, schools and colleges or any other kind of public space.

We also refurbish athletics tracks, improving their condition and giving them greater flexibility of use.

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muro-alcoy-1Civil engineering works

As we have our own construction company, here at J’HAYBER INSTALACIONES DEPORTIVAS we can take on any type of civil engineering project associated with a sports facility, such as:


• Land clearance and preparation
• Dressing rooms
• Stands
• Roofing
• Porous and smooth finish concrete flooring
• Garden design
• Residential development
• Landscaping
• etc.

Our projects take into account the provision of a turnkey service, undertaking the civil engineering and building work, as well as the eventual maintenance of any sports facility. We work in full compliance with all legal requirements and association regulations, using approved and authorised materials manufactured in Europe.

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Artificial grass gives open areas a more attractive and natural appearance, both in the home and in sports clubs or public spaces. It costs less than real grass and needs very little maintenance.

The synthetic fibres we use at J’HAYBER INSTALACIONES DEPORTIVAS will always look natural because of their excellent quality; they are long-lasting and hard-wearing, making artificial grass the best option for public and private gardens. They can be used in any type of project involving garden design, watering systems and so on.

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